Grandpa Mason, 19th September 2019 – Forever

Today I would like to share another beautiful tribute, to another feline that I have never met in real life, but who sure has left his paw prints on my heart.
It is about Grandpa(w) Mason, the feral gentleman who was shy and scared on the outside, but revealed a warm heart deep inside when he met kittens. During the past years he defied stereotypes on male cats cuddling with kittens and accompanying them on their way to aduldhood.
By doing so he has earned his place in the hearts of many.
And the more the knowledge that his story on this planet is now over makes sad. We all knew that this would happen rather sooner than later from the beginning. In the end Mason stayed among us much longer than initially expected, thanks to the loving care of Shelly and the others, as well as thanks to his new life task: caring for kittens.
The more it makes happy to read this tribute to him which is also mainly a story of how his tale is continuing in a sphere which is not (yet) accessible to us. It is a story of reunion, a story that has touched my heart, made me cry and smile at the same time.
Now I just ask you to read it, too, as I could never write any tribute to Mason that beautiful.


He hesitated on the edge, his heart full of emotions – sadness, loss, loneliness, love…. He had known this day was coming, but he hadn’t expected it to be so confusing… so difficult. Other cats were walking past him – striding out with confidence and anticipation. He could see them disappearing into the swirling mists, and he knew he had to follow. Screwing up his courage, which seemed in short supply at the moment, he took a deep breath and stepped onto the Bridge.

He was immediately engulfed in the dense, glittering fog that shrouded the Bridge. He could not see any other cats, even though he was aware of their presence close by, and there was little sound but the pad pad of soft paws and the tick tick of claws on the hard surface. Every now and then, the fog would eddy a little in a sudden breeze…

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Author: saminana

Student of East European Studies and Italian Language and Literature passionate about writing, reading, human rights, cats, history and many other things...

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